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Feature Overview

In PortalU you have various possibilities for searching official environmental information. You are looking for latest news or monitoring data associated to an environmental event? Maybe you want to get more information about intended or passed laws concerning renewable energy? You can search multiple sources simultaneously, including websites, documents, metadata and digital maps with focus on environmental information. PortalU enables you to search in parallel catalogues and environmental databases from the federation, the German federal states ("Länder") and local authorities. Our search engine also discovers resources from the "Deep Web" that can not be found by other search engines. The following features will help you to specify your search:


Basic or advanced search

Finding environmental information, legally relevant topics, research projects and addresses of environmental authorities with our full text search.


Hit the spot:

Find information to a particular environmental topic by using the PortalU subject search.


Explore the state
of your environment:

Browse in the catalogue for official environmental monitoring data.


At a glance:

Search on press
releases, publications and event notes.



Display metadata and objects from environmental catalogues.


Get a picture of your environment:

Search for thematic maps of environmental authorities.


Do you

Past environmental events and disasters in Germany and the world.

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