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Search for thematic maps

The PortalU Mapviewer displays thematic maps from various environmental authorities and on different scales. You can also adjust and determine the display settings if you are logged in with your PortalU account.

Digital maps for various environmental topics

You can choose from numerous types of maps within the PortalU map viewer. By clicking on a menu heading (Provider or Topics) the respective menu item will be opened up and you see a list of all available map services.

Navigate in the map

All available map services are displayed in the map view. You can zoom in, zoom out or pan on the map. It is also possible to save a map section in a PDF document.

Display metadata

You can display additional information about a layer (metadata), e.g. an abstract about the map content, contact details in case of questions or the last update of the map.

Show Data

By clicking on an active layer related attributes are displayed. For example you can see the current noise levels around certain streets or areas.

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